Courses for Lexercise Therapists

The purpose of this module is initial and ongoing training and support for Lexercise Partners in the use of the Lexercise platform.

A guide to selling Lexercise services and using the "Tasks" tab in your dashboard to request, track and sell leads.

This course was created to teach internal Lexercise Teletherapists how to deliver a Lexercise Evaluation to customers. It includes training on both the child and adult evaluation protocols.

This training course does not cover the basics of administering and interpreting assessments. We assume that the professional taking this training has had prior professional preparation and experience in administering and interpreting assessments of reading, spelling and writing. Rather, this course is designed to teach the seasoned examiner how to use the Lexercise evaluation protocol and software.

The cost of this course is $350 and includes all materials required to complete it.

There is an additional cost to purchase the tests and assessments required for delivering a Full Evaluation to clients.  The estimated cost of those tests and assessments (if none are already owned by the clinician) is $650-$700.  A complete listing is provided in the course. 

This module describes the policies, procedures and guidelines for Lexercise curriculum development for professionals who are developing curricula and content for Lexercise.